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  3. 汽油機泵,汽油機水泵

    地區:江蘇 海安縣

    本泵體積小, 重量輕, 吸程高等優點, 特別適用于沒有電源的地方使用, 體積小好帶到田間地頭排落灌澆水。

    Fuchun Hai'an Equipments Factory into the main in 1998, our factory since its establishment, adhere to the ideas for the development of scientific and technological innovation, customer satisfaction as the highest number of means, to firmly establish. Unity, actually create, collaboration, responsibility spirit of enterprise in enthusiasm at all levels of leadership and support of friends, access to rapid and stable development. I plant in the country and overseas to set up dozens of other sales outlets, has formed a number of members of the sales network and established a perfect service system. I plant a series of products are now marketing the country more than thirty provinces, autonomous regions and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. Management of the quality, management efficiency,

    I plant to establish and run a very sound and effective internal quality system, enterprises through access to the national Department of Agriculture license to promote products, and through the Chinese country compulsory product (3c) certification. I plant with a reliable product quality, independent business philosophy, and got great achievements. I will plant, a well-known brand, quality competition, as our goal to become bigger and stronger. I would like to plant all the Workforce in the vast number of domestic and foreign friends for a wide range of business together to create a better future.本頁報價是2寸2沖程離心泵。!


    產品參數:揚程:: 20(m); 配套電機功率:: 170(Kw); 自吸時間:: 1(min/m); 外型尺寸:: 650×520×540(毫米); 流量:: 80(m3/h); 加工定制:: 是; 油箱容量:: 3.6(L); 排量:: 389(cc); 進/出水口直徑:: 3(寸); 產品類型:: 全新; 適用領域:: 林業、漁業; 類型:: 水泵; 型號:: 170; 灌溉和排水的方式:: 地面排灌機械; 品牌:: 李楊; 轉速:: 5000(r/min)
    聯 系 人:李富春 先生 (廠長) 手機:13906277467
    聯系電話:0513-88450355 傳真:0513-88450355
    公司地址:江蘇 海安縣

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